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The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380

Measure Distance using the Ultrasonic Sensor.

The MaxSonar-EZ1 uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect objects from 6-inches to 254-inches with a 1-inch resolution. The analog output is given as 10mV/inch. You can connect the sensor to the EMANT300 USB DAQ Module using the light application adaptor as follows

If you are connecting directly to the EMANT300, note that you also need to connect

  1. pin 2 to pin 4.

  2. pin 5 AINCOM to GND

(these are already connected on the light application adaptor board)

Run the LabVIEW example EMANT300 MaxSonar Ultrasonic sensor.vi. Measurement is enabled using digital bit D7.

LabVIEW Front Panel - Ultrasonic Sensor

LabVIEW Diagram - Ultrasonic Sensor

Together with the modified weighing scale application, you can construct an Intelligent BMI (Body Mass Index) Machine.