1. Optional - only for Hawaii Model from Soehnle. Connection for the switches (need to be soldered to D0 and D1)
  2. Optional - only for Hawaii Model from Soehnle. Remove the faceplate which is glued to weighing scale by double sided tape and saw a slot for the strain application adaptor. Picture below shows the slot sawn and faceplate pasted back.
  3. Test your wiring using the EMANT300 Retrofit Soehnle Hawaii Bathroom Scale.vi. If the EMANT300 has been correctly installed (see installation guide) and the gages and switches correctly connected, you should see dips in the corresponding charts when the strain gages are pressed. Similarly, the switch state LEDs should change depending on whether the respective switches are pressed.
  4. If the scale has been correctly retrofitted, you can now try the next example program that gives the center of pressure and spaghetti plot, EMANT300 Soehnle Spaghetti Plot.vi


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  2. Context Acquisition Based on Load Sensing - Albrecht Schmidt, Martin Strohbach, Kristof van Laerhoven, Adrian Friday, Hans-W. Gellersen

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