The following information is for the EMANT300

Diagnostic.exe program hangs

Question: I tried to install on Windows XP with SP2. When I connect EMANT300+Light Application Adaptor to the USB cable. Windows said it found new hardware, but did not show the Driver installation dialogs. I got the message, hardware ready to use, instead. I tried to run the Diagnostic.exe program but the program appears hung.

Answer: The EMANT300 uses the FTDI driver and unfortunately one of FTDI's customer had created their own driver and certified the FTDI VID/PID with it. This causes the wrong driver to be installed on some computers. To uninstall the driver, download the following FTDI program

1) download the zip file and unzip the folder.
2) make sure that all the FTDI devices (our EMANT300 and any from other manufacturers) are disconnected from the PC.
3) Click on FTClean.exe to run the program
4) Click on Clean System button and follow the instructions. There are several confirmations. Make sure you click on the correct button.
5) The program will run with status messages.
6) When the cleaning is completed, exit the program.
7) Install the EMANT300 following our installation guide. This time you should see the steps indicated on our guide.
8) Run the diagnostic.exe program