The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380

D3 as output always remains high

Question: We can't seem to get D3 to budge. It remains high. We have tested several units including one taken straight out of the wrapper. D0 through D7 (excepting D3) go high and low per the appropriate instruction.

Answer: The default for the EMANT300 DIO configures D3 as input. You'll need to use the ConfigDIO method to set the bits as inputs or outputs.

Emant300.ConfigDIO Method (Int32)
Sets the 8 bits of the DIO indicating the bit should be configured as input or output. Value 0 to set bit as output and 1 to set bit as input.
Return Value - True if configuration is successful otherwise false.

The following code will configure all bits to output and then set all bits to 1.