The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380

LabVIEW Abort Execution - only for emergency!!

Question: Sometimes the same VI works well when I run it, but other times it couldn't find the HW ID and a message error 1236 appeared . It happens in sequence, with the same configuration. Why does it happen?

Answer: The correct way to use any LabVIEW Driver VI including those for the EMANT300 requires the Emant300 be executed before the program exits. If this is not done, the next time the EMANT300 is run, it will return an error as the connection is still open. After the error occurs, the way to recover is to either unplug the EMANT300 or close the LabVIEW IDE.

There are two possible scenarios where this can occur.
1) You did not wire / include the close VI in your program
2) You used the LabVIEW Abort Execution button instead of the program's stop button. When you do that, the program stops immediately and the close VI is not run.