The following information is for the EMANT380

VB2005 Winlogger solution doesn't run

Question: After compiling the EMANT VB 2005 solution for the WinLogger, I couldn't get the waveform when I run the program. However the Bluetooth DAQ is working as the EMANT380 Diagnostic program runs OK.

Answer: For the EMANT380, you need to modify the part of the program from
1) false turns the auto find off
2) COM6 is the outgoing COM port that is assigned when you bluetooth paired the EMANT380. Your outgoing COM port may be different and can be say COM22.

Please download our modified Winlogger program which allows you to assign the COM port before connecting to the DAQ module. The modifications are
1) Open and Close buttons are used to connect and disconnect to the DAQ module.
2) The Timer is disabled before reading the voltage and enabled afterwards.
3) You can set the correct outgoing COM port before clicking the Open button.