The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380


The 24V DIO Application Adaptor allows the EMANT300 USB Data Acquisition Module or the EMANT380 Bluetooth Data Acquisition Module to connect to Digital Signals up to 24V.

It allows for quick connection to industrial digital signals which often are greater than 5V.


  • 2 isolated digital inputs (30V max)
  • 1 isolated counter input (30V max)
  • 6 digital outputs (0.5A 30V max, no isolation)
  • 1 PWM output (0.5A 30V max, no isolation)

Note: Due to the specification of the EMANT3X0, only either the Counter or the PWM is available at any one time.

Input Characteristics

Number of channels: 3 (2 digital inputs, 1 counter)

Digital logic levels

OFF stateON state
Input voltage: ≤ 3 VInput voltage: 4.5 to 24 V
Input current: ≤ 150 μAInput current: ≥3 mA

Input delay time: 1ms

Absolute Maximum

  • Input voltage: 30 V max
  • Reverse biased voltage: –6 V max
  • Input current: 9 mA max, internally limited

Output Characteristics

Number of channels: 7 (6 digital outputs, 1 PWM)

  • Output type: Sinking
  • Supply voltage range: 5 to 30 V
  • Output Saturation Voltage: 2V @ 0.2A*
  • Continuous output current: 0.5 A max per channel
  • Clamp Diode Reverse Voltage: 50V
  • Clamp Diode Forward Current: 0.35A
  • Output delay time: 100 μs

Absolute Maximum

  • Voltage: 30 V max
  • Reversed voltage: None
  • Output delay time (full load): 100 μs max

*Heat sinking may be required at the ULN2003 Darlington Drivers if power dissipated exceeds ULN2003 specifications. See ULN2003 specifications.


Fig 1: Typical EMANT300 USB DAQ Connection

EMANT300 USB DAQ to Stepper Motor

Fig 2: Connecting the EMANT300 USB DAQ to a four-coil unipolar stepper motor

EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ

Fig 3: Typical EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ Connection. Requires 3.3V supply. You may use the 3.3V regulator if 5V supply is available.

Specification (PDF file size 164K)

Price US$29
Status Discontinued