EMANT380 Bluetooth Wireless 24 bit DAQ Module


  • Low cost and portable data acquisition system
  • Up to 6 channels of differential multiplexed ADC
  • Single channel 22 bit @ 10 samples/sec
  • Single channel 16 bit waveform @ 2500 samples/sec (max)
  • 1 channel of 8-bit D/A conversion (current output)
  • 8 digital IO channels
  • One 16-bit general-purpose counter OR 16-bit PWM
  • Bluetooth connectivity to desktop PC, notebook, mobile phone, PDA
  • Low cost and easily available 25 pin D-Sub connects to the physical world.
  • Application adaptors with instructional guides for fuss free learning.


The EMANT380 is a low-cost and compact 24 bit wireless (DAQ) data acquisition module developed for learning purposes. As a wireless DAQ module, it is useful in appplications where isolation is important. It can be used readily with a desktop personal computer for data acquisition and control. When connected to a notebook or smartphone, portability is achieved.

EMANT380 Bluetooth Wireless DAQ

Together with the communication capabilities inherent in the computer or smartphone, it allows learners to experiment and design solutions that capture, control, compute and collaborate with the world.

The high resolution 24 bit ADC, Differential Inputs & Programmable Gain Amplifier simplifies sensor connection. Learners can connect thermocouples, load cells and strain gauges directly to measure temperature, weight and strain without needing expensive and sophisticated signal conditioning.

The 8 bit current output DAC allows users to measure resistance directly. Thus, resistive sensors like thermistors can be connected directly to measure temperature.

The 16 but counter can be used to measure flow rate or RPM. When the counter is not used, its clock can be used for 16 bit PWM output for heating or motor control experiments.

Bluetooth allows for wireless connection

Compare EMANT300 USB DAQ and EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ


To use the drivers require knowledge of the respective programming languages.

LabVIEW driver (ver 7.0 or later)

labVIEW Driver

.NET driver for use with C#, VB and C++ (.NET Framework 2.0 or later)

double volt; EMANT300 DAQ = new EMANT300(); DAQ.Open(false,"COM6"); DAQ.ConfigAnalog(1.5,Emant300.POLARITY.Unipolar, 100, Emant300.VREF.V1_25, false); volt = DAQ.ReadAnalog(Emant300.AIN.AIN0, Emant300.AIN.COM); Console.WriteLine(volt); DAQ.Close();

Python driver (Python 2.6)

import emant m = emant.Emant300() m.Open("00:06:66:00:a1:f7") volt, binval = m.ReadAnalog(emant.Emant300.AIN0,emant.Emant300.COM) print volt m.Close()

Using the internet connectivity, the same voltage can now be read across the world using email, browser or messenger. Connected to an Android smartphone, this information is now accessible wherever there is a phone signal.

Simple examples are provided with instructional guide to allow the learner to explore and build on the knowledge.

EMANT380 USB DAQ module male DB25 pin out

DB25 Connector EMANT380 Connection

Specification (PDF file size 140Kb)ROHS

Price US$159
Status Discontinued