Bridge Sensor Application AdaptorThe Bridge Sensor Application Adaptor is used to connect bridge sensors like strain gauge, force sensor, pressure sensor, load cells in PC or Smartphone based Data Acquisition Systems. Used with the EMANT300 USB Data Acquisition Module or the EMANT380 Bluetooth Data Acquisition Module, they form a very low cost Bridge Sensor Data Logger or Instrument. It is ideal for use in hands-on teaching laboratories or projects involving bridge sensors.


  • 3.3 V excitation source (max 250 mA)
  • Up to 3 bridge sensor inputs
  • Requires external bridge completion network for quarter or half bridge strain gauge configurations
Strain Kit

A typical quarter bridge strain measurement solution comprises

  • the EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ (or EMANT300 USB DAQ). Power supply for the EMANT380 not shown.
  • Bridge Sensor Application Adaptor
  • Bridge Completion Network
  • Mounted Strain Gauge

Specification (PDF file size 370K) rohs

Price US$29
Status Discontinued

The schematic and PCB layout in Eagle format is available for download. Note that the information is provided AS-IS and no further support is available. It is intended for those familiar with electronics and Eagle PCB layout.

Bridge Sensor Application Adaptor Schematic and Layout 449K