The following information is for the EMANT300, EMANT380

Waveform Timeout

Question: We bought an Emant380 and Emant300 DAQ, and I am running some tests on them. When using ReadAnalog or ReadAnalogWaveform methods, i noticed a 35 ms delay at each method call with the Emant380, and 15ms delay with the Emant300 (usb). I would like to achieve 100hz frequency, so this delay forces me to use the waveform fonction. That is fine, but if i can get for instance 2000 values at 1000 or 2000 hz, I can't get 2000 values at 100 hz, because the dll throws some serial communication timeout exception (timeout seems to be about 3 sec). Is this timeout the only thing that prevents from getting long duration waveform (for instance 30 seconds at 100 hz which makes 3000 samples)? Is it possible to change this timeout values?

Answer: Earlier versions of the .NET driver fixed read timeout to 3000ms. emant300.dll ver or later has an additional overloaded function


you must specify the COM Port the EMANT3X0 is connected to. For the EMANT300, use the diagnostic.exe to identify the COM Port.

The Acquire Waveform example program assumes that PWM is connected to AIN2 and REFOUT is connected to AIN3. PWM in default generates a square wave VDD to 0.