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Windows Mobile Visual Basic and DAQ

Windows Mobile Lux Meter

Important Note

The PC must be correctly setup in order for you to complete the exercises in this instructional guide. You must install

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Standard Edition or above (Express Editions are not supported). However Microsoft has the DreamSpark program which provide students with Visual Studio Professional software at no charge. The program is available for university/college students in more than 80 countries and even high school students. Please visit the Dreamspark Website for more info.
  • Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh
  • EMANTVB2005WM folder

The example provided runs on Windows XP and uses the Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK.

To deploy on the actual smartphone, please read the information from Microsoft. On the smartphone, you will need to pair the EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ. Note the outgoing COM Port assigned and use that COM Port in your program.


Prior to doing the following exercise, it is highly recommended that the user familiarize himself/herself with running Visual Basic on Windows and the EMANT380 Bluetooth DAQ exercises.

Exercise 1 - Create a Windows Mobile DAQ program


  • Install and Use Emant300M component
  • Familiarize with the Windows Mobile Device Emulator Environment
  1. Select File -> New Project
  2. New Windows Mobile Project
  3. Select Visual Basic->Windows Mobile 6 Standard->Device Application
  4. Windows Mobile Project
  5. Call the project name Lux. Store your projects in the EMANTVB2005WM folder. Click OK to create the project.